Outdoors is a fantasy. Indoors is a sketch.

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD was a club in the 1980’s located in the DMZ in NYC’s lower east side. A former big-time catering hall, its bombed-out, cavernous, ballroom interiors still donned pieces of the original décor: exposed concrete walls with startlingly luscious remnants of draped satin. A truly postmodern environment, briefly fashionable, the club came to a violent end (the owner was found murdered on a ballroom balcony). My fond memory of a night dancing at the club surfaced while making a drawing of an elaborate 17th century Sicilian interior.
—Claudia Fitch

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Claudia Fitch, The Edge of the World, 2010
  • Claudia Fitch, The Edge of the World, 2010

At Greg Kucera Gallery.