The Washington Poll, sifting through interviews it conducted after May 24—when it became clear that Republican Dino Rossi would be entering the Washington Senate race—finds a small increase in voters saying they plan on voting for him.


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However, the size of the post-declaration increase for Rossi (3 percent) is dwarfed by the margin of error on that question (6.6 percent). That's due to the small number of voters the poll put the question to after the Rossi news on May 24 (just 221).

More worthwhile, then, are the other findings: Murray beats Rossi 42-40 among the 1,695 registered voters that the poll interviewed over the entire length of its duration, May 3 through May 28. And, she beats him 46-40 among likely voters, which the poll defined as those who voted in the last Washington Senate race in 2006.