From yesterday's NYT...

Sign up to ride the 7 Hills of Kirkland this May!
The month long cycling event takes place this May, with ride challenges, prizes from Zoka Coffee and Primal Wear, and funds raised benefiting Attain Housing.

...a growing number of colleges putting out a welcome mat for pets. They include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the State University of New York at Canton, which allow cats in some dorm rooms; and Eckerd College in South Florida and Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, which set aside rooms for students with dogs or cats and others who love animals so much they just want to live near them.

But someone who wants to love or live near his pit bull—or his rottweiler or wolf—can't go to Washington & Jefferson. From the sidebar:

Washington & Jefferson College

“Dogs may not exceed 40 pounds in weight when fully grown. Pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf breeds, or any mix combining these, are not allowed on campus at any time.”

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This is an outrage. It's exactly like the Nuremburg laws only this time, like, they're going after dogs and not Jews. Contact info for W&J is here. Lovers of pit bulls and justice are encouraged to give those bigots at W&J a piece of their minds.

Other pit bull stories from the last few days: nine-year-old girl dies after her family's pit bull rips her throat open; eight-year-old boy mauled; pit bull attacks cyclist; "rescued" pit attacks "cancer-stricken" beagle in front of a crowd of "screaming" schoolchildren; pit bull mauls pet shop owner; lost pit bulls attack two boys who tried to read tags in order to return pit bull to owner; two pit bulls attack and kill twenty sheep; pit bull tears open eleven-year-old girl's leg; abandoned pit bull attacks 13-year-old boy; etc., etc., etc.