...are why I will never unsubscribe from the American Family Association's AFA Action Alerts:

Comedy Central set to blaspheme Christ with "JC" show

In its promotional material for the program, Viacom describes Jesus as a "regular guy" - rather than the Son of God - and depicts him moving to New York to "escape his father's enormous shadow." The Father is depicted as an apathetic dad virtually addicted to video games and totally uninterested in his son's life.

So Comedy Central is set—unless we intervene—to blaspheme two-thirds of the Trinity on a weekly basis.

There is literally no PR firm more effective than the American Family Association. Before this AFA Alert, I'd never heard of this show. Now I cannot wait to see it (at least once). Read the full alert here.

P.S. To their great credit, the radical Christians of the AFA are expressing their outrage by threatening a boycott of the show's advertisers, rather than, say, calling for the murder of everyone involved. Radical Muslims, please take note.