Not just what do they do, but why do they do it, and how. And what does it take?
  • Not just what do they do, but why do they do it, and how. And what does it take?
When Cornish invited me to teach a class this summer for adults, I didn't want it to be the usual trapping-of-humans-inside-a-darkened-lecture-hall alternating with dragging-of-humans-through-galleries-and-museums.

So I came up with something else. I figured: Why not share the access I have as a journalist? Instead of spending all our time where the art is already made and displayed, we'll go into artist studios, art factories, an art bar, an artist-run magazine, and the nitty-gritty of a big public art project by an artist who normally works in abandoned buildings.

If you're interested, sign up; I'm not allowed to take too many students but I think there are still a few spots left. (I'm sorry in advance for the fact that it's not free of charge, I really am.) We'll meet Thursday nights for three hours, from July 12 to August 13 (5:30-8:30 pm). There aren't any tests (but there will be suggested readings).

Details are here, and the description:

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This class is about going beyond the institutionalized art scene in Seattle and gaining access to another layer of artmaking—art where it lives before it hits the receiving public, art where it is talked about in private, art where it stops to have a drink, art where it sits waiting even if nobody ever looks. Visits to/with the Free Sheep Foundation; artists of La Especial Norte, the HazardFactory, The Hideout, and a final session on arts criticism and public arts journalism.

See you this summer!