A butt-clenching scenario worthy of the original British The Office, submitted to I, Anonymous:

Thanks for the awkward impromptu prom, co-workers. I can't stress how much I wish you all took me seriously. I dropped out of high school months ago with no regrets. When I said I was happy to be working instead of going to prom, I meant it. It was great of you to assume I was just lying to hide my insecurities, though. Thanks! And thanks for convincing someone who obviously has feelings for me to get dressed up and bring me flowers. Someone who you know I only see as a friend, and someone I have no desire to lead on. Thanks for making me feel like an asshole and railing on me for not agreeing to dance. Thanks for dragging the whole goddamn thing on for as long as possible, too. You guys are the BEST.

Ouch, ugh, thanks for sharing.