Bookin it.
  • Image via Central District News
  • The alleged briefcase thief with the alleged briefcase
Central District News reports that there was a mid-day home robbery last Friday on 5th Avenue South and South Massachusetts Streets, close to the Northwest African American Museum. The front door was reportedly kicked in and the thieves entered, apparently undeterred by the blaring alarm. They made off with electronics, a laptop, jewelery and a brief case. To add insult to injury, yesterday, the residents "spotted a man brazenly walking by their house with the briefcase slung over his shoulder." The suspect allegedly began running when he realized he had been spotted, but the resident managed to snap a photo, at left, of the suspect hightailing it out of there.

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In nearby neighborhoods, Rainier Valley Post reports that there have been two shootings in the last five days in their neighborhood, both involving young men under 21. A 17-year-old boy was shot in the back early Tuesday night at the intersection of Seward Park Avenue South and South Cloverdale Street. Luckily, he arrived at the emergency room "alert and conscious." And a 20-year-old man told officers he was sitting in his friend’s parked car around 4:30 a.m. near the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way South and South Director Street when he heard shots. He said he ducked down in his seat and then felt pain in his leg. After he realized he had been shot in the leg, he ran from the car and flagged down a passing car to take him to the hospital. Both of the shooters remain at large.

And speaking of juveniles up to no good, Central District News reports that yesterday at 4100 East Madison Street, two adolescents were spotted on a roof, dropping bricks down a chimney, motivation unknown besides tomfoolery. And on 2323 East Cherry Street at the community center, a man reportedly dropped his wallet and a kid with a Batman backpack ran off with it! The nefarious little turd was last seen traveling southbound, probably going to go meet up with his buddies with the bricks. Damn kids! The neighborhood is going to hell.