Army Arrests the Guy Who Leaked That Baghdad Video to Wikileaks: He's a "22-year-old Army intelligence analyst in Iraq," the New York Times reports. Bradley Manning allegedly confessed to leaking the video—along with "260,000 classified United States diplomatic cables"—to a former hacker he'd read about in Wired. The former hacker, fearing Manning was putting lives at risk, turned Manning in. "I was backed into a corner ethically," the former hacker says. Their conversations took place over instant message. Fascinating story, don't skip this.

They Still Have No Idea How Much Oil Is Gushing Into the Gulf—They Just Know It's a Lot: "At least one expert, Ira Leifer, who is part of a government team charged with estimating the flow rate, is convinced that [last week's] operation has made the leak worse, perhaps far worse than the 20 percent increase that government officials warned might occur when the riser was cut."

Not the Sort of News GM Needed: They're recalling 1.5 million vehicles because a heated windshield washer system could catch fire.

Anit-Incumbent Sentiment at an All-Time High: According to this Washington Post poll. Silver lining: anti-Tea Party sentiment is rising, too.

Don't Let the Door... Etc.: Obama says Helen Thomas was right to retire over her stupid Israel comment.

70-Year-Old Man Found Floating Dead in Green Lake This Morning: The fire department thinks he suffered a heart attack.

Fourth of July at Lake Union: It's gonna happen.

Macy's Is Rethinking Its Skybridge: The annual permit fee is $31,185 and expected to rise.

The president was interviewed on the Today show this morning about kicking BP's ass—and explains what has taken so long: