As Orwell wrote, "We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men." And so I share this I, Anonymous submission:

You NEVER Hit a Baby in the Face

To the father smacking the face of his toddler daughter outside my cafe: I have never intervened in someone else's parenting, but when I saw you open-palm smack your daughter's face, I could not help but drop everything at work and come outside to stop you. When I confronted you in your car you said that your daughter had a hitting problem so you were HITTING HER BACK TO TEACH HER A LESSON. Are you fucking joking?! You are instilling a straight-up textbook cycle of abuse here. And no, I don't have any fucking kids but have grown up around them my entire life as well as had parents who didn't smack me in the face so I can tell you with full certainty that it is NEVER okay to slap a child in the face. You can smack a kid's bottom to shock them when they can comprehend what is happening and only because it is the fleshiest part of the body, the opposite of the face! And to the grandmother who first defended him when I confronted him, you know this is wrong and you even agreed with me when I looked at you and said "This is unacceptable!" You need to protect that child even if it means going against your own son.