That thing around Ms. Lohan's ankle is a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, which works by measuring alcohol content in the wearer's perspiration. As you may have heard, Lohan's SCRAM anklet went off during a post-MTV Awards party on Sunday, instigating a new li'l shitstorm of revoked-then-repaid bail and dramatic protestations from the Camp Lohan, which blames the SCRAM alert on someone spilling a drink on Lindsay's leg.

Whatever the case, the most interesting part of this story is the collected lore regarding would-be SCRAM tampering, provided by ABC News:

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Vickers Cunningham, retired Texas District Court Judge and chief operating officer of Recovery Healthcare Corporation, a major SCRAM distributor, said that some offenders have attempted innovative strategies to bluff the booze detector. Novices place cellophane or foil between the skin and the sensor. "The more creative people have tried to simulate human skin by using baloney or salami or ham," he said. One even stuck chicken skin to his ankle.

The photo above is impressive. But imagine how much more impressive it would be with a big wad of ham crammed between the bikinied starlet's leg and anklet.

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