I've noted before that the web site of Republican Senate hopeful Dino Rossi still lacks an "issues page" more than two weeks after he declared his cadidacy. This morning Hotline notes that Rossi is not alone:

As GOPers seek to make the midterm elections a referendum on the unpopular Dem majority, the party is delivering a message to several of its candidates: Shut up.

In the cases of Kentucky Senate hopeful Rand Paul and Nevada Senate hopeful Sharron Angle, one can understand why the Republican bosses might think it better for them to keep quiet. Paul started off his general election campaign by suggesting that he doesn't support the Civil Rights Act, and Angle is on record opposing everything from Social Security to fluoride in tap water.

But Dino Rossi?

He's not exactly part of what Hotline describes as "a bumper crop of rookie candidates [who] have earned attention from national media outlets for controversial statements or issue positions." In fact, Rossi's strategy in the past has generally been to present himself as a non-inflammatory moderate.

So why does he currently have the same no-issues-page web strategy as Angle? (Who, Hotline notes, recently pulled down her issues page as part of a general retreat into the political "underground.")

Heck, even Rand Paul has an issues page. (So thorough that he offers A-G, H-P, and Q-Z buttons.)

Also offering issues pages: Republican Senate hopefuls Carly Fiorina (California), Marco Rubio (Florida), John Boozman (Arkansas), Jim Huffman (Oregon), Dan Coates (Indiana), Mark Kirk (Illinois), Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania), Mike Castle (Delaware), and Len Britton (Vermont).

In fact, I can't find any major Republican Senate hopefuls—save for Rossi and Angle—who have gone so far with the silent strategy that they lack issues pages.

Is that the quiet company Rossi plans to keep this election? Just him and the candidate who wants to pull out of the U.N.?

UPDATE: Slog commenter JohnnyC points out that—apparently since the publication of the Hotline story and my last viewing of her site—Angle has now (re?)posted an issues page. That leaves only Rossi without one.