Was it the violation of the Second Commandment that pissed him off? Or just the fugly of it all:

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The large Jesus statue iconic to Interstate 75 in Monroe was destroyed following an apparent lightning strike during a thunderstorm. Motorists were stopped along the highway and around the Monroe area to watch the 62-foot King of Kings statue burn. The fire was reported at 11:15 p.m. Monday, June 14. Within minutes, all that was left was the steel frame of the statue at Solid Rock Church, 904 N. Union Road. Church member Cassie Browning, 27, of Dayton, said she was driving north on I-75 on her way back from Tennessee when they noticed the statue was missing. “It meant so much to so many people,” Browning said.

The thing was made out of wood and styrofoam and resin. Nothing but the best—and most flammable—materials for our savior.