Because People Keep Asking Me Why I Don't Ever Write About the Tony Awards


Isn't Fela on Broadway? That's the only thing i've ever heard of on Broadway that I'd pay to see.
Uh oh, The Kid better not make it to Broadway then.
@2, I haven't heard that's likely at all.
But the film critic still writes about crap movies...

(But yes, you aren't in New York)
Yeah, who the hell in Seattle cares much? There's enough coverage from other sources, it's better that you stick to local-ish topics.
Awww and John Stamos in Bye Bye Birdie was just soooo gooodd.............. *hemorrhage
I agree with some things Brendan writes, and I disagree with others. Sometimes when I read his stuff, I just turn my head like a quizzical dog and stare blankly. I think at least once I gave my computer screen the bird, as people in the 80's used to say. Other times, like right now, I want to give him a parade.

"Broadway is a boneyard of the imagination."

Couldn't be better or more efficiently stated.
Haha! Thank you, Brenden.

I made the effort to turn it on last night and had turned it off within one minute.

Angela Landsbury promoting the american theater wings free classes? It was awful and it always will be. Better to stay in your own town seeing real work being created.
And crucifixion is too good for Burt Bacharach. The schlock he cranks out is in appalling bad taste.
The Tony awards had major suckage last night. Sean Hayes was not funny. What's with all the Hollywood types thinking they can "make it" in New York?