Spinning the Recession


Sometimes if you want to grow your hair long you have to clip the ends.
Haven't you ever out grown a pair of pants?
There is no "growth." The economy's dead in the water.
I like this thinking.

Lets grow oil production by banning offshore drilling. Also: we need a plan to grow the American empire that involves leaving Iraq and Afghanistan and closing all those thousands of bases we've planted all over the world.
Ever think that this recession is just the start of something much much worse? Something that will make the 30's look like an era of wealth and prosperity?
creative destruction
@5, Yes. Every day since I was a small child.
@7 Me too! I think that's why I did so well this time around (had a lot in savings, no debt, avoided consumer credit and keep a tight lid on spending.) It's like I grew up in the Depression or something.
Double plus good.
@9 Will we have an extra chocolate ration too!?! Oh, I hope so!!
Wow me too, @ 8! That’s exactly how I did it.

But when everyone resorts to cannibalism, I fear I'll be left swimming in my savings like Scrooge McDuck because I can't eat my money. Like you I’ve been saving, & living like I grew up in the depression but I just know I won’t be rewarded for my good behavior.
@10: We are already on double chocolate rations, and it's been that way for years. Didn't you catch yesterday's dispatch?
If you remember the 1970s, then you did live through a depression. You just didn't realize it, because high inflation kept nominal prices from falling, and basic social safety nets kept large numbers of people from starving in the streets. In real terms, however, the bear market in stocks from 1966 to 1982 was nearly as severe as the one that accompanied the Great Depression.
Not old enough to remember disco Sesame Street except in reruns.