Super Dave, on the move!
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Sushi chef Super Dave Nakamura, whose work I raved about recently, has left J Sushi in the I.D. and will be coming to Pinto Thai Bistro & Sushi Bar in the old Ali Baba space on Broadway this summer (projected opening mid-July). (On his Facebook page—where people are saying they'd follow him to hell and back—Super Dave says it's in the Bailey/Coy space; he's only a little off.) To this I say, selfishly: YAY. (Not so into the Thai/sushi fusion, but surely that will be easily avoided. And maybe Super Dave is even super enough to make a Thai roll that isn't horrifying?)

Also coming soon in Capitol Hill sushi:

Genki Sushi, Seattle's second branch of the giant Japanese chain that purportedly evolved from the very first conveyor-belt sushi place. This will also be on Broadway, near Pine, and it will convey a wide variety of sushi to your mouth at almost frighteningly cheap prices.

Octo Sushi, where Crave used to be and a papered-windowed mystery at this juncture.

It's a sushi explosion that almost rivals Ballard's! Except Capitol Hill had a lot more sushi to start with.

And in Capitol Hill vaguely sushi-related news:

Tidbit Bistro, "where Madrid Meets Napoli on Capitol Hill" (meaning an emphasis on Spanish and Italian small plates) is moving where Vi Bacchus (the place with the weird name and the sushi no one really liked) used to be.