And guess what time the I-1068 backers chose for their appointment with the Secretary of State on Friday?

4:20 p.m.

Dude. So awesome.

But here's the problem:

"Organizers said they have already tallied about 200,000 signatures and have been getting a lot of petitions back in the mail every day," said Secretary of State spokesman Dave Ammons. "The bare minimum is 241,153 valid signatures of registered Washington voters."

That's more than 40,000 valid signatures from registered Washington voters that need to be received in the mail over the next day or so.

Plus, these all need to be valid signatures, which is why the Secretary of State suggests building in a cushion by turning in at least 300,000 signatures for any serious initiative. It doesn't sound like I-1068 will have that kind of cushion, which means—despite what you may have heard about me being a dumb motherfucker on these matters—that this initiative is unlikely to get on the November ballot.