Today, the backers of Initiative 1082 delivered 341,152 signatures in favor of the measure to the Secretary of State's office.

Which means I-1082 will very likely be on the fall ballot.

Which means it's high time to start figuring out what this thing's all about.

Which, conveniently, is just what I do in this week's paper:

It's easy to figure out who's behind Initiative 1082. Dial the number on the initiative's filing documents and a friendly voice answers: "Hello, BIAW, how may I help you?" Or look up who's donated the most money to get the initiative on the ballot this fall, and you'll find the same thing: It's the conservative Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), in for $500,000 so far.

What, exactly, would I-1082 do? That's the more complicated answer.

Get that answer, and the details on how this initiative could bring the conservatives at the BIAW millions if it passes, HERE.