Anchorage Daily News:

All over town, from Sand Lake to Eagle River, people are calling the city and discovering that the speed hump program, aimed at slowing traffic primarily in residential neighborhoods, was eliminated in budget cuts, city officials say.

The administration cut speed bumps and all other stand-alone traffic calming projects to save $133,000 in operating expenses, said city budget director Cheryl Frasca.

This budget cutting of any thing possible, this austerity madness...
BERLIN (AFP) — Embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a blow to her authority Wednesday as her pick for president needed three voting rounds to win election after a rebellion in her ruling coalition.

....It caps a rough few months for Merkel, 55, after she won a second term at the helm of Europe's top economy in September at the head of a new-look coalition more to her liking than her previous tie-up.

She has seen her popularity nosedive over her handling of the eurozone crisis and has come under fire for plans to slash government spending by more than 80 billion euros (100 billion euros) over the next four years.

...It's only a matter of time before the rich are finally forced to accept the fact that there is no going back to those decades (three in all) of unprecedented wealth accumulation and concentration. All of that is over. People want their speed humps.