Hi, Im a chart of stats compiled by the condom maker Trojan.
  • Hi, I'm a chart of stats compiled by the condom maker Trojan.
I realize I'm super hungover, but how can this be true?

A new survey says folks in Seattle have sex less often than the national average, are more likely to avoid sex in hot weather and less likely to have sex outside in the rain than folks in other cities.

If this is also true?

Then again, Seattle folks lead the nation in having sex outside.

Something about this survey is messed up, right? How can Seattle be less interested in sex than everyone else and less inclined to have sex in the rain than everyone else and be on top in outdoor sex? Plus, where's Los Angeles? Apparently it doesn't even rank, even though Los Angeles is where outdoor sex was invented. As everyone knows. The information comes from an online survey (ah, okay, no wonder). But it's weirdly pretty specific. According to Trojan, people in Seattle have sex an average of 75 times a year, and we do it for "an average of 27 minutes."

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UPDATE: Hahahaha. Looks like Eli and I were reading the same thing in the PI at the same time and posted about it almost simultaneously. But he finished a little earlier. Typical! Ah well, it's already got a comment (hi, Gloomy Gus!), so I'm just going to leave it up.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: So, apparently Eli wasn't reading it in the PI, he was reading it in an email direct from the marketer—the very Trojan PR stunt (to promote the new Fire & Ice condom) that the PI ran with.