Neighborhood blog roundup.

Last week in Belltown, a man was allegedly stabbed in the buttocks on First Avenue S near Broad Street, reports The victim alleges that a black male "bumped into him" before fleeing the scene. It was then that he noticed his buttocks were punctured. The Seattle Police Department solemnly swore to SeattleCrime that, apart from "a few instances of fisticuffs," the area has been quiet lately. This marks the first time Belltown has been quiet in nearly a decade and the first use of the word "fisticuffs" in over a century.

Belltown might be quiet but the Central District has a mystery on its hands: Someone with too much poison and rodent-targeted rage might be haunting Judkin's Park. Central District News reports that at least one resident has been finding "dead, uninjured squirrels" in the area. The resident suspects foul play. So if you happen to witness any suspicious persons stalking squirrels in Judkin's Park, please call the police. And if you happen to notice an abnormal amount of dead rodents free-falling like angels from the sky, please call local animal control at (206) 386-7387.

Speaking of mysteries, an entire homeless camp in Rainbow Point Park has vanished from the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Maple Leaf Life reports that the Washington Department of Transportation and SPD removed the camp, which was in the area for a few weeks. Neighbors noted that even "homeless bike dude," a neighborhood fixture for years, has vanished. Here's hoping the homeless camp found a more tolerant spot in which to pitch their tents. And happy trails, homeless bike dude. You may be gone, but you will not be forgotten.

Finally, residents and visitors to Alki this weekend shouldn't let too much independence go to their heads, as Seattle Parks and Recreation plans to "crack down on illegal fires" they find along the beach, according to West Seattle Blog. Only fires at one of the six fire rings along the beach are allowed, and those taking extra liberties face a punishment of death a fine between $500 and $13,000. More information from the parks department is available here.