FINAL SCORE: Netherlands, 2-1. Holy fuck! Brazil is out of the World Cup.


Fnarf, 7:24: The Dutch players all look like clenched fists.

Abby Waysdorf, 7:27: Being for Brazil is boring these days.

[At half time, Brazil is up 1-0.]

Jubilation T. Cornball, 7:53: So what will Holland hear in the dressing room at the half? What would you tell them?

Bryan Bissell, 7:54: I hope they aren't developing France syndrome

Abby Waysdorf, 7:55: The Dutch invented France syndrome back in the day. They were always the team most likely to feud amongst themselves.

Guest, 8:05: Danny Elfman plays for Brazil?

[At 8:10, Netherlands scores. 1-1.]

Christopher Frizzelle, 8:17: Do you still think Brazil is "insurmountable," Fnarf?

Fnarf: Nope. I think not.

Bryan Bissell: I might start saying "mountable"

Christopher Frizzelle: I am ready to mount Wesley Sneijder.

Abby Waysdorf: "Brazil are mountable" has a good ring to it.

Fnarf, 8:18: OOOOOOOOH. Bouncy Dutch girls. Fnarf likey.

[At 8:25, Netherlands scores again, with the help of Wesley Sneijder's head. Score is 2-1 Netherlands.]

Frizzelle, 8:25: I'm gonna start a band called Wesley Sneijder's head.

Lose-Lose, 8:26: brazil looked like they all just shit their pants

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Bryan Bissell, 8:26: I think they did