Slog tipper Shmuel says: "I created a memorial site for the Kin."

The Kin, of course, was Microsoft's two-month-long foray into creating a dumb smartphone for teens that encouraged cyberstalking and cost just as much as a real smartphone. Earlier on Slog, Dan pointed out the creepy ad campaign for the Kin.

But people did buy the Kin (rumors suggest that there might have been as many as 500 Kin buyers!) and so Shmuel has put together this touching memorial. There's already one testimony:

Added by Fernando Valente on : 07/02/2010

Kin was the closest thing to a brother I've ever had. He gonne to soon. I still remember when I was helping him to restart after a crash. Few time ago he had a BSOD and unfornately I couldn't help him. Its flash memory got burned. It's all my fault! :(

It's good that the Kin has found eternal life on the internet.