There are lots of candid shots of my new celebrity crush—Branden "Rhapsody" Hayward—at the blog written by the head of the agency that created the Rhapsody campaign that's going to make him a star.

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Branden Hayward walked into our casting with two strikes against him. He was too good looking and way too muscular for what we had in mind. Two lines into his performance and we were all thinking, “hmmm maybe this could work”, and by the end of his first round he was our clear front runner. Molly was a little easier. After a frightening first day of casting, in which we didn’t see any female actors any of us were very excited about, we ended up with a few strong candidates by the end of the second day. But in the end Meghan Miller’s easy charm and natural chemistry with Branden won her the part.

Okay, first: I hate Meghan Miller. And second: I know it's getting creepy. That's why I headlined this post "Okay, Now It's Getting Creepy," and it's why I selected the above photo to illustrate this post—it's almost like Branden is looking over his shoulder at me thinking, "who is this creepy motherfucker who keeps checking me out?"—instead of one of the more flattering photos of Branden that were included in the post.