A Clackamas County judge ruled Thursday that a couple who belong to a church that embraces faith healing must surrender their child for failing to provide medical care.

Circuit Judge Douglas V. Van Dyk gave the state temporary custody of the child and ordered medical treatment as directed by doctors at Oregon Health & Science University.

How wonderful the world would be for most if it was always the function of the state to impose on all levels of life (economics, education, religion, health, crime and punishment) the rule of reason. A rational state must be one that wastes no time in seizing these superstitious types and deracinating them. Once out of the ground, out of the muck and mud of bad ideas that have no place in the age of reality, science, and technology, the state forces these difficult types to survive on all that there is: the light of human reason. The history of the world is not so much driven by Vicoian class struggle, but by the struggle between what is most reasonable and what is most irrational.