Griffin is doing a little home improvement and was looking for some advice re: using faux venetian plaster.

Mr. Griffin and I are buying a house that needs interior painting. Right now every wall is landlord white since it used to be a rental home. I like a couple of the faux Venetian plaster finishes that I've seen (Home Depot and Lowe's carry different brands).

I want to hear from people who've actually used the products. Are they not difficult but tedious to apply? Or will we be ripping out our hair in frustration trying to make it work. I'm a pretty experienced painter, but this is a new technique for me.

Questionland knows something about everything! Falcon swooped in and said:

"I got some venetian plaster from Lowe's a couple months back and redid one of our bathrooms. It worked out really well. It takes a lot more physical effort than painting and is a bitch to deal with in tight corners/behind toilets, but I'd recommend it. I'm not a master painter by any means, so I think most people could tackle it."

To thank him, Griffin granted Falcon a mushroom and now, they've both won a $25 gift card to Pagliacci Pizza!

Not every Answer of the Week has to be sexy. Or maybe that is sexy to you. Maybe home improvement turns you on. Whatever works, friend.

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