Here's an idea: stop pouring so much damn corn syrup and processed white sugar down Drew's throat. That'll not only help make ends meet, mom, but it'll also improve your kid's health, his ability to sleep at night, concentrate at school, avoid adult-onset diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc., etc.

It's an infuriating ad—and an effective one. It helped to kill a proposed penny-an-ounce tax on soda in New York state that would've raised $500 million a year to help pay for the kind of health care coverage that this kid is gonna need to undo the damage being done to him by his idiot mother.

Let's add it up: Mom claims that penny-an-ounce tax will add $5 to the bill for the groceries she brought home on that one trip to the store. Which means mom picked up 500 ounces of soda on one trip to the grocery store. That's forty-two 12 ounce cans of Coke.

Damn fine politicking. Lousy fucking parenting.

UPDATE: And, as Goldy points out, we can expect to see a version of that ad on our televisions screens soon.