If Dan's going to link to that (yes, hilarious) iPhone4 vs HTC EVO video, you gotta have the counterpoint video, by the same guy..

The point, of course, is that everybody should shut the hell up about whether iPhone or Android is better. Neither is better. They both have trade-offs. Mac isn't better than Windows, Jesus isn't better than Mohammed, and vanilla isn't better than chocolate. Yawn. Zzzz. Etc.

Apple is very successful, so of course it's much cooler to hate them than to like them now. It's also quite boring.

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Case in point is all the hooplah over the iPhone 4 antenna problem. It's understandable that people would be concerned about seeing their bars drop, but Consumer Reports backs up Apple's claims that it's likely a software issue more than anything else. ALL cell phones encounter interference from your hand. The iPhone 4 has this problem more than other phones, because the antenna is on the outside, but there's been little to no evidence that it results in, you know, actual bad reception. The picture of bars in the corner changes, but most people report they get better reception with the iPhone 4 than with previous generations.

So, anyway.. Whatever. I have a new baby, who is categorically better than all your stupid cell phones.