Oh my God, you guys: This Seattle PI comment thread about fireworks is among the most amazing displays of NIMBYism I've ever seen. You'll also find commenters who think people who hate fireworks should move to Iran or North Korea, dogs who will be emotionally scarred for life by fireworks, and much, much more, including the first Blue Angels argument of the season. A tiny taste:

Here's a suggestion — federalize all National Guard troops and post them in known fireworks spots and have others on call for new spots. Give them arrest power. In Seattle enforce the $5,000 fine RIGHT NOW.

Let's get serious about this perpetual lawbreaking, friends.

"They worry about their safety, they're sick of the noise and they fume about the leftover mess on July 5."

Do you know what else was unsafe, noisy and messy?
Fighting for our independence from Britain.

Hmmm. I am not so sure that Native American Tribes are all that supportive of the Independence Day celebrations.

After all, most Native Americans lost their way of life with the encroachment of the non-native Americans — mostly White and Black folks bent on taming the west. Why would Native Americans want to celebrate that?

More than likely, this is a Tribal grand scheme to get back at the “White People,” by extracting money from them. Most Tribal Lands have a casino, and most of those are doing very well, thanks to non-native customers. So, how else can the Tribes harvest more dollars? Well, selling fireworks fits in very well.
I believe that all fireworks are dangerous, even when used according to directions. Most people do not realize that the perceived harmless “sparklers” burn at the temperature of a welding torch, and can cause serious injury.
Every year I get ‘flinchitis’ from flinching at the loud booms. Also, every year, I have to remove spent rockets from my roof and yard. I am on constant vigil to keep my roof from catching on fire due to an errant rocket or other type of fireworks.

You could:
1) get a rocket launcher and return fire to your dumbaxx neighbors

2) turn on your sprinklers... hose down the basterds in the street...

3) i go out and take pictures... I give them to the manager... last year 3 morons got evicted as a result....

I won!

Yep, that's the way to show your patriotism, by setting off a bunch of firewirks in violation of the laws of the very place you are supposed to patriotic about. And at the same time give Communist China one of their biggest paydays of the year.

I think every single bad comment thread cliche is currently taking up residence on this PI thread. I haven't seen someone compare fireworks to the Nazis yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.