I took a road trip with my California husband and our ridiculous dog to Utah, where we visited family in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and the Cache Valley. Pickles loved the fuck out of the youngest playmates and warmest weather she's yet experienced, and Jake and I enjoyed bourbon and lemonade and an array of wonderful relatives.

Best of all, while in Utah, I received an email from a California in-law, a faithful member of the Mormon Church who wrote:

I deeply regret my participation in "Yes on 8." I did the wrong thing with the wrong motivation. I have explained that more fully with some of you and will try to do so with more of you, on a one on one basis. I am so sorry for what I did.

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May we all toast this impressive admission/evidence of growth with an ice-cold bourbon and lemonade.

(Also, all photos by my freakishly talented brother-in-law Thomas Nelson.)

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