They only have one bad day.
  • They only have one bad day.

Lamburger/hamburger on the grill, lots of beer and wine and other treats.

The lambs were raised near a certain small town in Eastern Washington by Bethany's Uncle Dave, who says of his flock: "They only have one bad day." (Her people are the ranching kind.) The lambs were cooked and consumed in the same valley where they lived and died. I realize some of you will find that perverse and monstrous. I think it's kind of sweet.

The recipe:

One package ground lamb, one package ground beef. (Twenty percent fat content!) Knead them together with (all proportions eyeballed):

* an egg
* olive oil
* lots of salt
* a little cumin
* lots of pepper
* a little cayenne
* a little dried thyme
* some chopped garlic
* some chopped onion
* some chopped tomato
* a chopped Serrano pepper
* a little dried Italian spice melange
* whatever else is around and sounds good

Grill and serve with sliced tomato and avocado and toasted buns. Some enjoy ketchup and mustard and mayo, but the properly seasoned and properly fatty lamburger should be flavorful and moist enough to stand without condiments.

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Also serve with corn, grilled in the following manner: steamed in the husk for a few minutes, then yanked from the grill and shucked while hot (with much cursing) and thrown back on the grill for charring. I'm usually a slather-the-corn-with-butter kind of guy, but this weekend's corn was perfectly sweet. Didn't need a thing.

Finish with some whiskey, a cigar, and a few rounds at your empty beer cans with the air rifle. When it gets too dark to shoot, switch to bottle rockets. If you have the very small, non-finger-compromising kind, launch them by hand instead of from a bottle. They're more fun when you get to aim.

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