I'd rather see $1.3 million go to rentboys in New York City than the Pope in Rome... but this story about a Catholic priest who got caught embezzling funds to blow on rentboys—which is everywhere this morning—exposes the hypocrisy of more than a single gayward priest. Take it away, Joe:

In March of this year, Gray presided over 40 couples (photo below) as they renewed their opposite marriage vows in a ceremony created by the Hartford Archdiocese's anti-gay Family Life Office. In January, the Hartford Archdiocese endorsed the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration, which calls on Christians to disobey all LGBT rights laws. The Hartford Archdiocese has also denounced same-sex marriage in DC and in April they claimed that out of all child molestation cases, "less than two per cent [are committed], allegedly, by Catholic clergy," therefore the problem is "societal" and not theirs.

They really do have issues.