Bust Out Your Fans and Warm Up Your Whining Muscles: Temperatures in Western Washington expected to hit 90s by midweek.

Proactive Passengers at Sea-Tac Airport: After seeing a man slip past a security checkpoint, passengers physically detained him until officers arrived.

Psychotic Comedian at Pittsburgh Airport: Dave Chappelle forces jet to land with his craziness.

Illegal Leak?: Soldier to face criminal charges over leaked video of U.S. air strike that killed 12 civilians in Baghdad.

Fatal Adultery?: Iranian mother of two to buried up to her chest and hit with stones until she dies for engaging in sexual relations with someone other than her husband.

Meanwhile in Seattle: A woman is attempting to live without an iPhone for a whole month.

All in the Family: Amanda Knox's parents face slander charges in Italy.

Family Is Forever: Elderly Pennsylvania woman found living with her husband's and twin sister's embalmed corpses.

Finally, on this day in 1957, a young John Lennon was introduced to an even younger Paul McCartney at the Woolton Church Parish Fete, and the two promptly set about driving the world insane with pleasure. Behold: