My article about David Harvey is here. Harvey is a geographer who has spent 40 or so years adapting, updating, and reinforcing the main body of Marxitst theory. The current crisis has increased his value as a public intellectual. Proof of this increase can be found in the number of views for the RSA animation of a recent lecture he delivered on the current state of capitalism.

In just two weeks it has generated over 200,000 views. The animation for freakonomics, for example, has been up for three months and only generated a quarter of that figure. Levitt, the king of freakonomics, thinks he is a freaky, freaky economist but his thinking never breaks with the confines of neoliberal "rational utility-maximization." And the main source of our problems is the 30-year domination of neoliberal governmentality.

Thanks to John Galt for the video tip