Maybe there's something to all those Didier signs in the hinterlands after all.

Turns out the Washington Farm Bureau ("the voice of family farms"), which endorsed Republican Dino Rossi in his 2008 run for governor, can't decide between Rossi and Republican alfalfa farmer Clint Didier in this year's U.S. Senate race.

Dan Wood, the local affairs director for the 38,000-member organization of family farmers and ranchers, said there was no consensus.

"There was not sufficient agreement among the county Farm Bureaus to endorse any of the candidates for U.S. Senate in the Primary," Wood said via e-mail. "None of them received support from 2/3 of our county Farm Bureaus."

One person the Farm Bureaus could agree on: Seattle's Frank Chopp. The state house speaker was one of only five Democrats the group endorsed.