Petraeus's Position on the Israel-Palestine Conflict


Well, no shit.
Add to that Israel cannot send troops to any of these conflicts, has no valuable resources that make sticking our necks out worthwhile. And their insistence on having nuclear weapons shows a clear bias in the U.N.s treatment of Iran. Israel is, in other words, a giant albatross around the neck of the U.S.
@1, you say that, but I'm relieved and hopeful now that we have someone who actually understands the game* in charge of the war.

*game as in game theory, not fun times with friends
You gotta admire Israel's incredible maneuver. They can act like the biggest imperialist pricks on the planet, and anyone who says anything is immediately denounced as a bigot, nazi, anti-semite, etc, blah blah blah.

It's stupid, but it works. It works quite well. While going through & killing villages, murdering & torturing at they go, they continue to claim that they're the victim.

It's something the Papacy is just green over, yet could never pull off.
So, Some Old, is anyone claiming you're a bigot? I notice you're able to freely post whatever you want without fear.

The Papacy is a little too occupied with its own problems right now, but they did a little torturing and killing during the Inquisition. There's also the little detail of suicide bombers, none of whom are Israeli.

But go ahead, say whatever you want. Your remarks don't matter eithe way but I guess you feel better.
they did a little torturing and killing during the Inquisition.

Did they claim they were victims by doing so?

You know what would keep most suicide bombers at bay? Pulling all Israelis out of the West Bank, building a wall along most of the 1948 line, and cutting off all contact with the Palestinians. But Israel will never do that. Israelis are as responsible for suicide bombings as the suicide bombers themselves.
Good Morning Charles,
I agree that the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict compromises American security though I am not so sure of Bush's "bean counting" or not.

I read John Mearsheimer & Steven Walt's fine book "The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy" a few years ago. They make a good case for what Petraeus said. Yeah, a tectonic shift in thinking and in what is said (I don't know how many times I've heard "unbreakable bond" and other cliches regarding US-Israeli relations) must occur for a resolution to that tragic conflict. That book was quite enlightening.
I don't hear a lot of talk about Egypt's blockade of those same West Bankers, which is actually more devastating than Israel's.

For all the problems that are going on there, the plain fact is that Israel is the only even part-way civilized country in that region of the world.
Bush strongly discouraged any kind of bean counting, true. But what really matters now is that Obama completely ignores the bean counting. If he cared about the bean counting he wouldn't be authorizing the futile operations in Afghanistan which regularly are blowing up and burning alive civilian men, women, and children.

If he cared at all about the bean counting, then the billions of dollars we send to Israel would be conditional.