Johnny Logan Spencer Jr., the 28-year-old Louisville man who wrote a poem about assassinating Barack Obama, has pled guilty to threatening the president of the United States. His lawyers were going to push a First Amendment defense but have apparently given up:

The poem, which was posted on a white supremacist website, describes a sniper killing the president and includes the language "DIE negro DIE."

Magistrate Judge Dave Whalin had previously ruled that the threat wasn't protected merely because it appeared in a poem, saying it wouldn't have mattered if Spencer "carved the message into a stone sculpture" or "cross-stitched it on a pillow."

Whalin noted that the 16-line poem is "entirely dedicated to the assassination of the current president of the United States based solely on his race" and "expresses no larger theme or commentary on social or political issues of the day."

I guess Eminem, Paris, and Offspring get a pass for expressing a "larger theme" or two.

Though Paris got awfully close to the bad end of the law with "The Enema (Live at the White House)" in 1993. His "Bush Killa" stirred more controversy, but it was a critique—"The Enema" was just assassination porn. I wonder what would've happened to Paris if he'd stood before Judge Whalin...