Fatal Mistake: NATO pilots mistakenly bomb Afghan allies, killing at least five.

"Seattle Cop Stomp Case": Shandy Cobane and cohorts are the subjects of an ongoing criminal investigation.

90 Days in Jail, 90 Days of Rehab: Lindsay Lohan's summer plans.

Preempting the Tragedies of Tomorrow: Sen. Maria Cantwell calls for "federal legislation requiring new technology and better preparation by oil companies to prevent and respond to oil spills."

Wasps in Puyallup: Five people hospitalized after getting stung.

Mosquitos in Seattle: Free to flourish as Seattle cuts mosquito control from city budget.

Places to Chill: Western Washington opens a variety of community cooling centers.

Juh?: Wal-Mart has spent over a year and $1 million to fight a $7000 OSHA fine levied after an employee was trampled to death by shoppers.

Irony Has Good Aim: "Bullet Ricochets, Hits 2 Men at Gun Show"

Finally, on this day in 1971, half of Abba—Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Faltskog—got married. According to thisdayinmusic.com, "3000 fans arrived and in the chaos a police horse stepped on the bride's foot, causing her slight injury." Here's a perfect Abba song to have stuck in your head throughout this long, hot day.