Make sure not to miss Jen Graves's review of the not-to-be-missed Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky:

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Chanel is the original Modern Woman, played by the erect, hipless, red-lipped Anna Mouglalis. She has a husky voice, rules her employees, sits at the head of the table and sips wine while everyone else says grace, and has lovers, not husbands. She demands devotion. On the subject of what to do about Stravinsky's redheaded, blue-eyed, peasant-dressed Russian wife, she spits at him, "You think a man is worth two women?" (Mouglalis's Chanel is almost as towering as Glenn Close's Marquise in Dangerous Liaisons.) Stravinsky shoots back, "You're not an artist, Coco. You're a shopkeeper." The sparks, they fly; there is much four-legged nakedness.

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