My problem is not the discovery itself ("[a]rchaeologists digging on a Norfolk beach found stone tools that show the first humans were living in Britain much earlier than previously thought"), but the music used in the video that accompanies the Guardian's story about the discovery:

Drawing of British Savages
  • Drawing of British Savages
That music is Bach's "Prelude No.1 in C Major." What's wrong with using this piece of beautiful music for a story about hairy, primitive people who lived in Britain 250,000 years ago? What's wrong with using one of the most elegant achievements of classical European culture to set the mood for a story about a troop of illiterate humans cutting meat with the crudest of tools? What's wrong is this: If the story were set in, say, the shores of Angola, then the music would not be an elegant prelude but sun-addled drumming and jungle chanting.

Prelude No.1! For a story about hardcore savages! One expects to see the archeologists digging up shards of tea cups and silver cutlery.