Slog tipper Frank points us to the shit talk underway at Columbia Citizens, a "neighborhood wiki" for Columbia City, about where it's okay to let a kid poop:

Um, its Farmers Market day and I just saw a parent hold their child up next to a tree in Columbia Park while the child peed and POOPED. Then they picked it up in a plastic baggie. Although I am very grateful that they picked it up, the whole thing was very disturbing and I am left wondering if this is a new trend. Is this acceptable parent behavior?

While some argue that letting a child shit like a dog at the farmers market is "never appropriate," others disagree:

Are you people serious? Relax. What is it with us Americans and our fear anything related to accepting our natural bodies. A kid took a crap (that was picked up). Who cares? Do I think adults should go around using the bathroom in the park? No. But if a kid had to go, he/she had to go. I think it's great for the child. Get them comfortable with themselves. Or maybe we should continue to instill in them a fear of nudity! God will strike you down for exposing your birthday suit.

The poop defender also blames the Puritans who settled this country—a lone anti-poop sect, apparently—that "screwed it up for the rest of us."