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In a three-part feature in this week's paper, I spend a lot of time looking into what could go wrong with building the world's widest deep-bore tunnel under downtown with marginal finances, and whether Seattle is taking precautions in case something does go wrong. But in one of the two smaller pieces, I also take a look at City Council President Richard Conlin's opinion on megaprojects. Conlin is the city's leading tunnel cheerleader. He also refuses to debate the issue. But why should Conlin debate someone else when Conlin can debate himself? Here's what he had said in the past:

"We are rushing forward with a technology that has never been tested in a dense urban environment in the United States," Richard Conlin said in a press release, "with funding so marginal that every time we raise a question, we are told that delaying a week or adding a cost will kill the project."

Another quote from Richard Conlin: "If this project is now so fragile that taking the time to make good decisions endangers its ability to go forward, then the project is doomed to failure."

And another: "There remain concerns about the project's finances and impacts as a whole."

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Of course, Conlin's worries in those quotes above were about another megaproject. But when it comes to the deep-bore tunnel—what, Conlin worry?

Read the whole piece HERE.

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