Melted Records: The Northwest's history-making heat wave.

Three-Alarm Fire: Buddhist Temple in Seattle's International District erupts in flames.

Coast Guard Casualties off the Coast of Washington: "Three of four crewmembers who were aboard a Coast Guard helicopter that crashed Wednesday morning are dead."

Serious Good News: "The government is preparing to issue new rules that will make it substantially easier for veterans who have been found to have post-traumatic stress disorder to receive disability benefits..."

The Mariners: Are lazy fans complicit in the team's mediocrity?

On the Move!: The entire downtown of Skykomish is being picked up and put down somewhere else.

We've All Been There: "Mama finally said, ‘I’m not ironing your clothes,' and he went cuckoo on her..."

2010 Emmy Nominations: If you care about such things, check out the full list here. (The adorable gay dads from Modern Family are competing against each other for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy!)

A Sentence to Make Your Monocle Pop: Courtesy of Florida's Local 6 News:

A Florida appellate court has ruled it is perfectly legal for a man to sit in his pickup truck outside a convenience store in the presence of a child and wave and insert into his mouth a long, cylindrical plastic sex toy commonly referred to as a dildo.

And finally, happy 40th birthday to American entertainer Beck, who we'll celebrate with a song/video from the peerlessly exciting Early Years, before we learned of the artist's lifelong devotion to Scientology or willingness to release boringly monochromatic albums about his broken heart. Enjoy.