Roach, victorious
  • Roach, victorious
If you've managed to miss the latest on 31st District state senator Pam Roach (she of the famous flowers speech), it's that she was suing one of her challengers for putting "false and defamatory" information about her in his candidate statement.

Today brought a "win" for Roach, in the sense that a Thurston County Superior Court judge ordered the offending candidate statement, by Republican Matt Richardson, to be changed so that it not longer speaks of "permanent" sanctions against Roach by her fellow senate Republicans.

Roach had argued that the sanctions—which are real, and among other things ban her from the party caucus room because of alleged hostile actions she's engaged in—are not, in fact, permanent.

Apparently the judge agreed. Now Richardson's candidate statement will read:

Support The Stranger

Unfortunately, the sanctions against Pam Roach prevent her from contact with Republican senate caucus staff, and more critically, from meeting with other senators in caucus. This severely impairs her ability to represent the people and interests of our district. After 20 years in office, another 4 years of this would not be productive.

Like I said, a big "win" for Roach.

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