First Sarah Palin, and now this:

I am proud to endorse Clint Didier for United States Senate.

Clint Didier will do the work to fight for lower taxes and spending and for more freedom in Washington. We need people like Clint voting with me in Congress.

Clint Didier is a dynamic leader who understands our Constitution and will fight against out-of-control government to restore our Liberty. Clint has the courage to stand up against the bailouts and government takeovers being forced down our throats by Washington insiders.

As a farmer and family man, Clint understands the challenges that we face. And, he understands that solutions lie in our Constitution and the great American traditions of freedom.

The American people need more than just another vote. We need a man of principle who will always stand up for what is right. We need a citizen politician who will represent US. Clint Didier is just that kind of individual.