Teen Tix, one of the few programs at Seattle Center that we love, was on last year's Genius short list for organization, along with Hidmo and Paula the Swedish Housewife. To refresh your memory:

As the subscription generation fades into history, arts organizations have scrambled to find new, young audiences. Enter Teen Tix, Seattle's leading force for getting young butts into theater seats and museum halls, which lives in a little office in a musty corner of the Seattle Center House. Over the past five years, Teen Tix has cajoled local arts institutions into selling its members (13- to 19-year-olds) $5 tickets. Smart institutions, like Pacific Northwest Ballet, jumped at the opportunity. Less smart institutions dragged their feet. But Teen Tix persevered, and its members now have access to over 30 theaters, museums, etc. around the city: On the Boards, Seattle Art Museum, the Vera Project, Seattle Arts & Lectures, Northwest Film Forum, and so on. By the end of 2009, Teen Tix will have facilitated the sale of over 12,500 tickets (2,500 a year) to teenagers. In its most recent survey, 70 percent of Teen Tix members said they now attend the arts "more frequently" or "a lot more frequently" than they did before joining. If Seattle culture has a future, Teen Tix is at its heart. (Full disclosure: I sometimes teach a critical-writing class for Teen Tix members. But the organization's achievements far predate—and have nothing to do with—my involvement.) BRENDAN KILEY

This year, Teen Tix introduced its own arts awards, elected by Teen Tix members. Want to know what the city's budding performance dorks are into? You might be surprised by how much they like Pacific Northwest Ballet (which won last year's Genius award for organization)...

Teeny Award Winners 2010

Best Selling Show of 2009 - 2010: Roméo et Juliette at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Best Art Exhibit of 2009 - 2010: Polaroids: Mapplethorpe at Henry Art Gallery
Best Dance Performance of 2009 - 2010: 3 by Dove at Pacific Northwest Ballet
Best Film of 2009 - 2010: tie! The Yes Men Save the World at Northwest Film Forum and Sci-Fi on Blu-Ray Series at SIFF Cinema
Best Play or Musical of 2009 - 2010: Speech & Debate at Seattle Repertory Theatre
Best Music Performance of 2009 - 2010: Sound Off! 2010 at EMP
Best "Other" Show of 2009 - 2010: Laser Michael Jackson at Seattle Laser Dome

Best Date Venue: Pacific Science Center's IMAX & Laser Dome
Best Box Office Experience: Seattle Children's Theatre
Best Seats in the House: Seattle Symphony

Best Film Organization: SIFF
Best Museum or Art Gallery: Seattle Art Museum
Best Performing Arts Organization: Seattle Symphony
Best Multi-Disciplinary Organization: Cornish College of the Arts

Favorite New Teen Tix Organization: Seattle Art Museum
Favorite Organization Overall (small): Young Americans' Theatre Company
Favorite Organization Overall (mid-size): Seattle Shakespeare Company
Favorite Organization Overall (large): Pacific Northwest Ballet

The Phoenix Award: Rising From the Ashes: Taproot Theatre Company

And they delivered the awards via singing telegram...

Nice touch.