At the end of Spain/Dutch match (a match that found me on the side of the Dutch because a world without that country would be a world without the 17th century philosopher Spinoza—and the story behind Spinoza's life in Amsterdam is that of the fall of Spain and the rise of the Netherlands), the ABC/ESPN announcer Chris Fowler closed the broadcast with praises to South Africa for successfully hosting a near-hitchless, global extravaganza and to Africa as a whole for being the home of humankind:

...You will not come away from this country without being moved and inspired and changed if you open your heart to it because after all, as human beings, if you go back far enough to our roots, we are all Africans.
How on earth could creationists be happy with these closing words? Nowhere in the Bible does it say exactly what our DNA says. And what are we? "We are African apes."