"When Armed Animals Enter Interpersonal Wars, What Kind of World Will We Face?" A Chinese journalist claims that Taliban forces are training monkey jihadists to kill Americans. What kind of world, indeed.

It's as if He Has Access to a Vast Database of Searchable Knowledge: Law enforcement, cyber-security experts speculate on how the Barefoot Bandit manages to elude police in every jurisdiction he enters.

The End of Synthetic Fun: States start to crack down on the sale of K2, an incense sold at gas stations that reportedly gives those who smoke it a marijuana-like high (and unlike marijuana occasionally induces vomiting, racing pulses, and hallucinations).

Can You Legally Barbecue on the Sidewalk or in a Seattle Alley? No.

Castro Smiles, Blows Kisses to Cuban Workers: So I guess he's still alive.

Disgruntled Scientists Target Obama Complain that he's no better than Bush when it comes to putting politics before science—including fighting the gulf oil spill with potentially toxic chemicals without first exploring their effects, and in the Northwest, downplaying the damage dams do to salmon populations and the effects of overgrazing cattle on federal lands.

Get Your Robot Arms Off Me: BP uncaps deep-water oil well with robotic submarines; oil gets everywhere. Again. In the best of all possible worlds, the new, tighter cap they put on will capture essentially all of the well's leaking oil.

Can We Train the Monkeys to Do This? Over 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells are sitting in the Gulf of Mexico and nobody is checking to see if they're leaking.

Barefoot Bandit Caught! Bahamanian police say they arrested the Bandit early Sunday morning on the northern island of Eleuthera. (hat tip Jesse)