Colbert bumped?

Who's the most popular host on Comedy Central? It's not Jon Stewart. And, no, it's not Stephen Colbert.

Daniel Tosh has surpassed both in the ratings to have the most-watched and top-rated studio-based show on the cable network. His series, "Tosh.0," hit another series high Wednesday — the network's best performance in that time period since "Chappelle's Show" in 2004. "Tosh.0"? Try "Tosh" 2.4 million viewers.

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A bit like a "Talk Soup" for the Internet, "Tosh.0" chronicles all that's newsworthy, weird and lewd about the Internet, with Tosh introducing video clips and occasionally interviewing guests in his "Web Redemptions" segment.

I've watched the show waiting for the Daily Show to start... and I don't see it. People enjoy the green-screen backyard? The leering, strained delivery of every single joke? The fratboy homophobia? Oy.

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