Especially powerful, sexy Czech ladies celebrating a sweep of 44 seats (out of 200) in their state parliament. How do Czech women celebrate their political victories, you ask? Pillowfight! By posing sexy for a charity calendar. Hurrah!

But, BUT: Couldn't they have found sexy poses that had something to do with their jobs, since as Miss September says, "'We want to draw attention to the fact that we have women in politics"? Perhaps instead of brushing her teeth sexy, Miss September could be writing a sexy letter to an angry constituent.

Brush your teeth, its the law.
  • Brush your teeth, it's the law.

Or instead of taking a sexy bath, Miss April could be seductively glad-handing the dirty masses outside of a library or college.

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Politics is dirty.
  • Politics is dirty.

Because as it stands, they're not really drawing attention to women and politics, they're drawing attention to women and hygiene, which deserves its own sexy calendar.

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