...about my review of Luc, the new, less-expensive restaurant from the Chef in the Hat of Rover's. Some samples from comments:

...Overall I am skeptical about Ms. Clement's ability to review restaurants of high caliber food like at Luc's. She should stick to reviewing Cheesecake Factories*.

Posted by OhNoSheDidn'tx2

Well Ms. Clement,

I have to say that your review just sounds like some sort of passive aggressive dig at the restaurant than a legitimate restaurant critique. Nice try though.

I do believe anyone who dines at Luc will feel the thought that Chef Thierry has put into each item on the menu and fall in love with item they try upon each visit.

Posted by GetAJobYoureActuallyGoodAt

why is bethany always hating on Thierry? you'd think he stomped on her kitten with all the bad reviews** she's given him.

Posted by darlingash

I can take it—and I felt that people ought to be warned.

*I have never reviewed a Cheesecake Factory, though The Stranger reviewed its bathroom in 2004. Also, I have never had a kitten—maybe that's the problem!

**The only other thing I've written about the Chef in the Hat involved a brunch at Rover's in which I was served an $18 omelet that was burst open in the middle. I called it "herniated." So sue me.